Staff and Board



Andrew Babson
I love the food bank because we are a light to people who are experiencing challenging times. To see people smile and to provide them with healthy, reliable food is an honor and a privilege.

Jill Hough
Our food bank is a place where our whole community comes together in kindness. It just doesn’t get much better than that!

Sigrid Beesley
Rural Whatcom County • Volunteer since 2020
I love the Food Bank because it is a resource for the community that works with local businesses and farmers to reduce waste and break down barriers that prevent community members from accessing the food resources that they need.

Wanda F Schleisner
Vide President
Ferndale • Volunteer since 2011
I take joy in helping others, and the Ferndale Food Bank helps so many.

Evelyn M Turner
Lynden • Volunteer since 2022
I support the Food Bank because food insecurity, especially amongst our children, is unacceptable. The food bank is critical to addressing that issue.

Murray Taylor
Ferndale • Volunteer since 2019
I’ve always enjoyed giving service and the Food Bank needs a lot of service from volunteers.

De Layne Bell
Board Member at Large
Ferndale • Volunteer since 2022

Karla Atwood
Board Member at Large
Ferndale • Volunteer since 2022